Craftsman Built Coves for Photography and Film

An Infinity Cove or curve is an area usually painted white or Chroma Key green. The Cove is constructed in a way that there are no corners, only flats and curves, so as to give the impression that the background behind your models or props appear to extend into infinity. Our hand built Coves are durable and easy to clean and refresh. Having a feel of permanence, these professional studio facilities can be painted in any colour for a range of digital media applications, thereby enabling you to hire out the studio, reduce down time and increase production.

Please note that our corner curves are made of preformed GRP (glass reinforced plastic). G.R.P. has an excellent strength to weight ratio, it does not crack like plaster, is virtually maintenance free and is significantly more durable than plaster coves. All of our Infinity Coves come with a Guarantee as standard

Our Coves

Infinity Coves for Photography

These Coves are usually painted with a good quality flat matt white paint, sometimes, off white, greys, or black. Less often colours are used too. Specialist paints are not usually required but quality paint is.

Infinity Coves for Video and Media

These Coves in general require a specialist green or blue paint finish for use with CGI computer software. We use Rosco's Chroma Key paints which are manufactured to provide the high luminance values and colour saturation for keying effects. When Coves are used for media work with sound recording, sound insulation can be installed within the Cove. If required, please mention this when contacting us.

Bespoke design and style

Infinity Coves Designed for Your Needs

All our Coves are of bespoke design and style, whether working with an existing floor or as is often the case working with our installed floor. Full consideration is given to your available space, be it height, width and depth with or without an installed floor and of course the curve size used to best suit your requirements.

Specialist installation

Getting the job done!

All construction and installation is carried out with the minimum disruption possible. Dust, waste removal and dehumidifying (only water based paints are used) are carried out daily as required. All framing joints and panels are glued, screwed and pinned together, avoiding any movement and creaking of the joints. This also greatly reduces the likelihood of hairline cracks appearing and, among other provisions, attention is given to the blending of all joins. The construction of the Cove is done in a way that the end result is seamless with an imperceptible transition from flat to curve and onto flat again with no visible joints. Primer/undercoat and your required finish is applied, followed by a clean and tidy up; finally, all yours to sign off. Allow 24 hours for the paint to dry properly and your Infinity Cove is ready for use. Enjoy.

What our clients say

Going from strength to strength.  A number of our clients are so happy with our services and products, they have had a second Infinity Cove installed by us.

"Every one is saying how great the Coves look, it’s a pleasure to work with the new Coves" Julio Leipnitz Jnr, Senior Photographer, Christie's Fine Art Photography

"John and his team have been fantastic to work with, maintaining professional and clear communication during the lead up and during the install. The build team worked tirelessly to complete the Cove within a tight deadline, during which their knowledge and craftsmanship really did shine through. I would highly recommend John and his team." 
Luke Broadway, Equipment Resource Centre Manager, Plymouth College of Art.

"Thank you for your hard work you guys did a fantastic job... Keep up the good work."
Samina Malic,

"Thank you John, the Cove is very busy and being well used, I'm happy to give a reference should it be required, just pass on my details" Stuart Dickson, Estate and facilities Management, University of Brighton

"John built an Infinity Cove to fit the end of my studio, including an overhanging curve to accommodate the low roof angle. It has been a wonderful enhancement to the studio, the centre piece really, and has made a huge difference to the photos. The Cove is very well built and feels like a quality construction too. I highly recommend John and his Coves to you." 
Steve Delaney, Moments Photographic Studio

"John you have done an absolutely excellent job, thanks" 

"My 11 year old was having great fun yesterday with the self timer on the camera. Once again it was a pleasure having you here and a brilliant job." David Burns,

"Hi John, brilliant job on my new infinity wall, absolutely love it. It has paid for itself already with having to do loads less post production work and my customers think it's great as well. One even said it's like being on stage. The craftsmanship is second to none and I would have no problem in you giving my phone number to any prospective clients. Once again thanks, all the best." Steve Arnold Smile Studios

"John's team were highly skilled, producing an excellent product which has been admired by students and staff. It has provided us with a professional centre piece in the studio which the students enjoy using." Philip Smith, Senior Workshop Manager, Photography Workshop

“Really positive experience, went up double quick. Excellent workmanship, a lot of hard work. Much appreciated.” Chris Overend, Technician Instructor IT & Photography. Southampton Solent University

"Very pleased with the installation & the efficiency & enthusiasm of the installation team" Dick Allan, Senior Technical Instructor/Area Coordinator,

"Very professional operation. Thank you very much" Tom Wignall, Creative Director,

"We're very happy with the new infinity cove installed by John and his team. Not only is the cove solidly built, but the installation was quick, the team professional and the results were exactly as we had specified. Thanks!" Simon Tilby Design rradar Limited

“Thank you and your guys again for your help...they did a sterling job. It’s definitely added the wow factor that I was looking for.” Alastair Bocker Bockerphotography

Our clients include:

Christie's of London

University of Brighton

J D Sports and Fashion

Amazon Fashion’s studio in the heart of East London

Alastair Bocker Bockerphotography

SSR-School of Creative Media

Hillsborough College Sheffield

Southampton Solent University

St Helens College, St Helens Merseyside

iSiteTV Limited, Colchester

John Lewis, Content Production Hub, London

rradar Limited, Hessle, Hull

University of the West of England Bristol

Oxford Digital Medeia Ltd, Oxford

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