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London photo studio cove
Infinity Coves and Cyclorama Backdrops

Infinite backdrops for photography and film

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Video green screen
Green Screen and Chroma Key Backdrops

For video, film and CGI our cyclorama backdrops can be coloured

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Antique tinted infinity cove
Create subtle moods with coloured coves

By finishing your cove in a tone you can create a mood for your images

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Single wall photo cove
Simple and effective single wall backdrop

A single wall backdrop in your studio adds flexibility and scope

Infinity Cove Backdrops

An Infinity Cove or cyclorama is an area usually painted white or Chroma Key green. The Cove is constructed in a way that there are no corners, only flats and curves, so as to give the impression that the background behind your models or props appear to extend into infinity. Our hand built coves are durable and easy to clean and refresh. They can be painted in any colour for a range of digital media applications, thereby enabling you to hire out the studio, reduce down time and increase production.

Coves curves are made using Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) for strength and accuracy.  We offer a variety of solutions from self-install cove kits through to fully fitted and finished coves.

Fully installed and ready to use
UK nationwide fitting service

Most of our UK installations are in London or the major cities but we offer a full national coverage across the whole of the UK.  Wherever you are based we can supply a perfect solution.

Self-install cove kits

We now offer kits for self-installation, for more information follow this link.

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The benefits of GRP for strength and accuracy

Infinity Coves are manufactured from glass reinforced plastic (GRP).  We adopted this approach to produce a more durable and consistently accurate finished product than traditional plaster over board.

Each curve and corner is formed from 4-6mm GRP and then placed on wooden supports to form a super strong finished curve.

By using GRP we can also reduce site installation times because we have much less time waiting form filler/plaster drying and curing than other methods.  This can be a great advantage in busy studios or time sensitive building projects.

Manufactured from 4mm GRP and supported by wooden formers. Our coves are super strong and very resistant to cracking or movement.

cove corner construction

The accuracy of GRP moulding gives a totally uniform curve. The advantage of this accuracy is even more evident in the three way corner curves.

green cove with lighting

GRP moulding gives a far smoother finish than plastering a wooden base.

Maintenance is far lower on GRP curves.

Finishing a cove

On site fitting times are reduced as curing times for GRP fillers are very short.

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Infinity Coves for


The majority of our installations are used for photography and are coloured in white or sometimes in muted shades.

cove with top curves
Film and Video Icon

Infinity Coves for

Film and Animation

Green screen cyclorama cove backdrop coves are very popular for film, cgi and animation work.

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Bespoke Design and


Custom designed and manufactured to fit your space with clever storage solutions if required.

Cove installation image


A small selection of our Infinity Cove installations.

Our Clients

Over the years we have developed a very diverse and prestigious client base.  Covering a wide range of industries from photography and film, music and entertainment, education and large scale retail businesses. 

What our customers say

"The team were highly skilled, producing an excellent product which has been admired by students and staff. It has provided us with a professional centre piece in the studio which the students enjoy using."
"Every one here are saying how great the coves look. It is a great pleasure to work with the new coves. I would thoroughly recommend the Infinity Coves team and their fine range of products"
"Maintaining professional and clear communication during the lead up and the install, the team worked tirelessly to completion within a tight deadline. Their knowledge and craftsmanship really did shine through"

Frequently asked questions

By manufacturing with GRP we ensure a very accurate curve surface with great strength.

We supply four radius variants being 400mm, 600mm, 1000mm and 1500mm.

All radii work correctly with the appropriate lighting system.

Generally, smaller radius curves give more floor space and larger radius curves are easier to light.  If you need help we can discuss the options at the estimate stage.

We manufacture coves to the exact requirements of each job so all coves are custom sized to fit before delivery and installation.

Our preference is to blend to smooth concrete or resin floors if they are already in place.

Alternatively we can install a wooden flooring system which may be essential on non solid floors or higher stories of a building.

During our survey we will highlight any items which may need moving such as radiators or electrical sockets.  Once this is arranged our service includes a full manufacture, fitting and finishing service so we handle everything.

All we require is the work area being clear and accessible.