About Infinity Coves

Our history

Founded over 10 years ago, Infinity Coves manufactures and installs coves made from durable glass reinforced plastic (GRP or fibreglass).  Fibreglass moulds are used to create smooth, strong and seamless curves.

This approach was developed as an alternative to the traditional approach which involves creating a plywood base and then plastering over to create the cove.

The advantages of fibreglass are many with stronger curves, smoother finish, much more consistent curves and much quicker installation times.

The product

Our background was in fibreglass/GRP construction and the company founders knew this could form a stronger and more consistent solution to make a cyclorama cove.  We started by making 600mm curves for smaller installations and then developed to larger 1 metre curves. Today we can offer 1.5 metre curves if required for the largest installation.

We manufacture in the UK and all of our cove kits are made to measure and to the client specification. You can see full details on our page Cyclorama Coves.

To read more about the benefits and details of how we construct our curves please click here

Cove corner being built
Finishing a cove

Installation and finishing

We offer a complete design, manufacture and install solution.  All of our coves are installed at site by our experienced teams who understand the challenges of fitting and finishing to the highest standard.  By taking this approach we have been able to ensure that the finished products are of the highest standard and meet your particular needs.

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