From the design to the finished installation

We provide all of our coves with a fully bespoke design to exactly fit your requirements, manufactured by us and then fitted and finished by our experienced teams.  This approach ensures the high quality our customers require and gives you a finished product ready to work.

Infinity Cove design

The first stage of any cove is the specification and design.  We need basic information relating to your site such as sizes, heights, colour and floor construction.  Our estimate request form is designed to highlight all of the main information we need.  It is also helpful to include a few images of the site location if possible.

Once we have this we can create an estimate which highlights the costs, options and the timescales.  This estimate is usually very accurate but may be subject to a site survey or agreement of final specifications if required.

From there we sign off the order and set the process of manufacture in motion.  Our usual lead times are between 4 and 10 weeks depending on workload and complexity of your requirements.

Manufacture of the curves and cove installation kit

Our coves are constructed by erecting walls which are filled and flattened to give a joint free backdrop.  We then add our curves and corners and attach or blend to the flooring.

If the floor is smooth concrete or resin we will usually blend straight to this as it offers strength and a smooth step free transition to the room outside of the cove.  However, if required we will install an integrated floor.  This is particularly useful on higher level floors or over floor joists.

The curves and corners are pre manufactured from 4mm thickness GRP.  This has great strength but is further supported by MDF supports.  This approach gives a huge strength and will resist damage if walked upon or even in the event of lighter machinery being accidentally run on the edge of the curves.

On site installation

Once we have manufactured our cove kit, a process which usually takes between 4 and 8 weeks depending on complexity and size we move to installation.  Our expert team will deliver and fit the complete cove and our finishing team will fill and finish to the highest standard.  Because we have already  manufactured the curves prior to installation the process is quicker than many of the alternatives as we have less time required for drying of fillers.  We use 2 pack filler for quick results and strength.

The final finishing stage involves base coats of sealer, primer and final coats of finish.  We use very high quality flat matt finishes for white coves or Chroma Colour finishes for green screen or video chroma key  systems.

The whole cove is manufactured, installed and finished and ready for work the day after completion.  This reduces your studio downtime and loss of revenue from being out of service.