Self-install cove kits

We now also supply the same top quality coves as a self-installed kit.

We supply the GRP curves and corners in either 600mm or 1m radius including the support formers.  We also supply full installation instructions to allow your team to understand what is required. 

This approach allows flexibility and will suit customers who have their own maintenance specialists available.  It can also save on cost for many customers, particularly on smaller coves.

If you are interested in a self-install kit please contact us for details.


cove curve kits

How the kit works

The kit comprises of the curves, corners and support/connection formers.  All you need to attach curves to either new or existing walls and floor.  The kits are the same as we use for a fully installed cove solution and with a little skill and patience you can achieve the same high standards yourself.

We provide full fitting instructions with tips and guidance through the whole process.  The instructions also include a full list of the recommended materials we would suggest to get the best results.  We want your self-built coves to be every bit as good as we would make them.

The stages when using a cove kit

Our kits are exactly the same as we use for fully installed coves and custom made to your dimensions. Because of this the first stage is to request a quote.  All we need are the dimensions.

To install the curves you first need a good level floor and smooth and straight walls.  Our curves can be fitted to most existing walls or you can create new walls.

The corner section comes pre assembled to allow for super quick installation.  Then the wall and floor curves are added to quickly create the cove outline.

Using 2 pack car body filler you can achieve a super strong and smooth coverage of the joints between curve sections and the wall and floor.

The final stage is to paint the whole cove including walls, curves and the floor.  After applying sealer and two coats of top coat paint you have a perfect cove which will last for many years.

The advantages of cove kits

Green screen cove
  • GRP cove solution is much stronger than wooden and plaster alternatives
  • The exact same super strong, super smooth cove as the fully installed product
  • Time saving on fitting, most sizes of coves can be constructed in a few days
  • Simple solution which is relatively easy to install when compared with alternatives
  • Almost no drying times in the filling stages, no waiting for plaster to set
  • Your cove can be extended and added to later